The Cafe

Bridging Worlds and Inspiring Minds

The Cafe is a charming bridge between worlds, where digital nomads and local communities converge. It's a place for shared stories, conversations, and inspirations. With a cozy atmosphere, it invites professionals to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation, fostering a cycle of learning, connection, and community building.

The Lab

Jungle Meets Classroom

Step into the Lab, a vibrant tech oasis. Here, powerful computers become your tools for learning and creating. It's a hub of endless possibilities, from diving into the realms of the internet, 3D design, programming, and of course, gaming. The Lab is your canvas for unleashing your tech potential and connecting with a diverse community of learners and creators.

La Tiendita

Gateway to Local Treasures

La Tiendita is more than a little store; it's a vibrant gateway to the heart of local Costa Rican culture. Step inside and discover a treasure trove of local foods, handcrafted wonders, and SuperFreaky creations. Each item tells a story, and every purchase supports our community.

The Workshop

Crafting Dreams into Reality

The Workshop is where the magic of creation happens. With tools and machinery at your fingertips, you'll unleash your inner artisan. From metalworking to 3D printing, this space is where community members learn to craft everything from signage to clothing, turning dreams into tangible realities.

The Studio

Creativity Finds Expression

The Studio is a realm where creativity knows no bounds. It's a sanctuary where music and video productions come to life, nurturing your inner artist. Whether you're composing your first song or crafting captivating videos, this space empowers you to share your creative journey with the world, one note or frame at a time.

La Cocina

Culinary Traditions Come Alive

Here, culinary experts and locals come together to share the art of cooking with a modern twist. It's not only a place for creating delicious dishes but also a recording studio for preserving the wisdom of traditional cooking. Watch as generations connect through the joy of food, both in person and through livestream, bringing their culinary secrets to the world.

The Black Box

Immersed in Imagination

The Black Box lets you step into the mind of the artist. Immerse yourself in creativity unlike anything you've ever experienced.

The Square

Serenity in Connection

The Square is more than a gathering space; it's a tranquil retreat for mind and soul. It's where you can delve into guided meditations, attend enlightening talks, and participate in transformative lectures. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, it's a haven for connecting with your inner self, fostering personal growth and community harmony.

The Fire Temple

Igniting Spiritual Awakening

The Fire Temple is a sacred space where the divine meets human spirit. It's dedicated to transformative fire ceremonies that kindle reflection, connection, and spiritual growth. In the warm glow of the fire, souls are stirred, and the heart finds its rhythm with the universe.