This program is designed for individuals who are new to computers. Whether you've never used a computer before or have limited experience, our program will teach you the fundamentals of digital literacy, including:

Introduction to Computers: Learn about different types of computers and their basic components.

Email Basics: Create and manage email accounts, send and receive messages, and understand email etiquette.

Internet Essentials: Discover what a web browser is, how to use it, and navigate websites.

Desktop Navigation: Master the basics of using a desktop computer, including the mouse and keyboard.

Online Safety: Understand essential online safety practices to protect yourself while using the internet.

Entrepreneurial Insights: Recognize how being tech-savvy can take your business ideas to the next level.

Why it Matters

Who Can Benefit

How to Participate

Check our program calendar for upcoming "Back2Basics" classes and workshops, and take the first step toward digital empowerment and entrepreneurial success.