Welcome to SuperFreaky, where every pixel pulses with possibility, and every interaction inspires...umm.. something! We're not just a CyberCafe; we're a futuristic fusion of technology, community, and relentless curiosity, all nestled in the heart of the Uvita jungle in Costa Rica.

Our story begins with two visionary souls from worlds apart, united by a shared dream of creating a space where nature, technology and community converge to spark an educational and creative revolution.

Meet Natalia Mora, fondly known as Nati or Flufferina, the heart of SuperFreaky. Born and raised in the 'big city' of San Isidro del General, just an hour from Uvita, Natalia's intimate knowledge of Costa Rica is unmatched. Her journey with Origen, Costa Rica's premier travel agency, has taken her from the heights of Poás Volcano to the mysterious depths of Corcovado National Park. Crafting unique, breathtaking adventures became her passion, but the magic of these experiences wasn't in their conception — it was in sharing her country's hidden wonders with the world. Natalia brings not only her extensive hospitality network and insight but also her love for Costa Rica to SuperFreaky, ensuring that the spirit of 'Pura Vida' infuses every aspect of our community.

Then there's Codi Bonney, or as friends call him, Co Bo, the tech wizard of SuperFreaky. Hailing from upstate New York and later migrating to the sun-soaked streets of Long Beach, California, Codi's quest for 'jungle & sun' eventually led him to the rich landscapes of Costa Rica. His journey is a tapestry of innovation, from developing apps in the heart of Silicon Beach to transforming factories in China. But it was the lush allure of Costa Rica that finally captured Codi's heart, turning him from a self-proclaimed 'Gringo' to 'basically Tico.' Today, Codi's not just a mastermind of apps and the web; he's also a proud father and is weaving himself as an integral thread in the vibrant cultural fabric of his adopted homeland.

Together, Natalia and Codi have turned SuperFreaky into a beacon for budding tech enthusiasts, adventurous souls, and everyone in between. Here, you'll find a universe of opportunities: from mastering the digital arts to basking in the eclectic beauty of our 'Flora y Fauna de Costa Rica' displays. Indulge in our menu's gastronomic delights, like the worlds oldest classic Sourdough, or dive into the thrilling world of gaming and... DIY workshops?

At SuperFreaky, we're more than just a hub of technology and learning; we're a family bound by the unwavering belief in the transformative power of community, innovation, and shared experiences. So, whether you're a local, an expat, or a traveler, there's a place for you at our table.

Join us, and let's build more than just skills and networks; let's construct bridges between cultures, create lifelong memories, and perhaps, change the world one click, one code, and one connection at a time.

 Welcome — Are you ready to unleash your inner freak?